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Little blue pills and a lot of gold...

"In 'Faust's Gold,' the first book in English to fully convey the systematic doping of athletes in the former East Germany, Ungerleider makes a provocative comparison to the gruesome human experimentation of the Holocaust. The book is a disturbing reminder of the willingness of science to pervert itself to satisfy politics and sport."

- Jere Longman
The New York Times
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From the early 1960's until the fall of the Berlin Wall, East Germany built a reputation as a powerful international sports juggernaut. World and Olympic records fell so often in sports, ranging from swimming to track and field, that those recording the events could barely keep up with all the changes. But the cost was shrouded in total secrecy. When the Wall came down the truth came out.

Although there were rumors that East Germany had been drugging their athletes the full extent only recently has come to light. Prominent sports psychologist, Dr. Steven Ungerleider, presents the harrowing story of East Germany's nightmare in his new book, FAUST'S GOLD: Inside the East German Doping Machine.

Dr. Ungerleider draws on files and revelations during doping trials from former GDR coaches, doctors, and officials, plus the research of one of the victims, to paint a devastating picture of extensive anabolic steroid abuse. He also details the infamous STASI's terror tactics against any athlete that rebelled. FAUST'S GOLD examines the overall effect this master plan had on all of its athletes - some 10,000 - but in particular it looks at the women participants. During their competitive days these women underwent outlandish physiological changes, out-of-control muscle and body hair growth, and crises of sexual identification. Years later many of them developed catastrophic health problems, including scores that have battled cancer.

ISBN: 0-312-26977-3
List Price: $23.95
Published by: St. Martin's Press
256 pages / Hard Cover / 32 Photos


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